• Wedding dress: sew in an atelier or buy a ready-made model



  • Wedding Dress

    When creating a wedding image, the main element is the dress. Many girls very carefully approach the issue of their choice, trying to find the ideal option for their physique, height, age, hair color and even skin tone.


    In fact, there are 2 options for buying a wedding dress - to sew an individual order or to buy a ready-made model from various designers and manufacturers. Which of these two options is better to choose? Let's understand together.


    Ready-made wedding dresses

    Not always sewn to order dresses turn out to be as the girl expects. You have to remake everything, change the decor, install an additional corset and so on. This is especially unpleasant when the master turns out not to be as qualified as he told himself. In addition, when there is a great opportunity to choose and buy a wedding outfit from the best collections, many even stop thinking about the idea of sewing to order.


    Ready-made wedding outfits have several advantages:

    • you can assess the look and comfort level of the outfit in advance;
    • not all girls are born designers to think in detail about the dress to order;
    • world designers and stylists, who definitely have taste, work on dresses;
    • huge assortment of models for every taste;
    • dresses are available at any budget of the future bride;
    • saving time in comparison with individual tailoring;
    • saving money, because a custom-made dress will always be several times more expensive;
    • ready-made dresses can easily be adjusted to your particular figure.

    You buy a brand new wedding ensemble, as there are special exhibition models in the salons for trying on.


    Is it worth sewing a dress to order

    If you have such a desire and opportunity, then do not deny yourself the pleasure of ordering individual tailoring of a wedding dress. Here you have a huge space for creativity to realize the most daring and unusual ideas.


    But the custom-made dress has its own peculiarities, about which it is better to know in advance:

    • individual tailoring usually takes a long time, not less than 2-3 months;
    • you will have to think through every detail yourself to tell the master what result you want to get;
    • it is important to find a qualified specialist, because not all of them can qualitatively perform their work;
    • the result does not always meet expectations, and it is important to be prepared for this in advance;
    • you will spend much more money on a dress to order, although it may look even worse than the finished model from the manufacturer.

    The decision should be made only by you. It remains only to add that you can find your ideal wedding dress among both ready-made models and individual tailoring.